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Soccer at Home

Good soccer players are made at team practices, but great players are made from what you do on your own at home. If you want to be a great soccer player, always have a ball at your feet!

Rapids FC realizes that the threat of COVID-19 has impacted our soccer season considerably. During this time of social distancing, we have been provided a unique opportunity to get our kids to go outside and work on specific soccer skills on their own at home!
The intent of this program is not for players to meet up and do things as a group, however it is designed for our players to challenge themselves and improve on an individual basis.  This program will strive to enhance the players individual technical abilities; as well as, expand their tactical understanding and knowledge of the game of soccer as well.

Recreational Soccer Links                                          Academy/Select Soccer Links
Recreational Week 1 Academy/Select Week 1

Recreational Week 2 Academy/Select Week 2
  Recreational Week 3 Academy/Select Week 3
Recreational Week 4 Academy/Select Week 4
Recreational Week 5 Academy/Select Week 5
Recreational Week 6 Academy/Select Week 6
Recreational Week 7 Academy/Select Week 7
Recreational Week 8 Academy/Select Week 8

March 23 - March 27
Week 1Recreational PlayersAcademy/Select Players
MondayIntro Challenge (Juggling)Intro Challenge (Juggling)
TuesdayDribbling (Figure 8)Coever Drills
WednesdayDribbling (Laces)Dribbling (laces/speed)
ThursdayDribbling (Speed)Trapping (feet, thigh, and chest)
FridayWeekly Challenge (Juggling)Weekly Challenge (Juggling)

March 30 - April 3
Week 2Recreational PlayersAcademy/Select Players
MondayIntro Challenge (Sharpshooter)Intro Challenge (Sharpshooter)
TuesdayTurns (Change of Direction)Coever Drills (Advanced)
WednesdayTurns (Pull Back)Dribbling (Core Dribble)
ThursdayTurns (Chops)Juggling (Non-dominant foot)
FridayWeekly Challenge (Sharpshooter)Weekly Challenge (Sharpshooter)

April 6 - April 10
Week 3Recreational PlayersAcademy/Select Players
MondayIntro Challenge (Garrincha)Intro Challenge (Juggling Pyramid)
TuesdayCoerver Drills (Taps, Brushes, Jigs)Attacking moves (Basic)
WednesdayCoerver Drills (Inside inside, Sole roll)Striking the ball (Laces and chipping)
ThursdayCoerver Drills (Pull V, Cryuffs)Juggling (Flicks and Tricks)
FridayWeekly Challenge (Garrincha)Weekly Challenge (Juggling Pyramid)

April 13 - April 17
Week 4Recreational PlayersAcademy/Select Players
MondayIntro Challenge (Chipping the Ball)Module 1 - Switch Play
TuesdayCore Dribble (Rt, Lt, inside, outside)Attacking moves (Advanced)
WednesdayCore Dribble (Cut push, Roll catch)Striking the ball (Volleys)
ThursdayCore Dribble (Advanced)Heading
FridayIntro Challenge (Chipping the Ball)Module 1 - Switch Play lessons due

April 20 - April 24
Week 5Recreational PlayersAcademy/Select Players
MondayIntro Challenge (Juggling feet & thighs)Module 2 - Defensive Shift
Attacking moves (Side steps, Matthews)
Turns (basic)
WednesdayAttacking Moves (Step overs, Scissors)10-2-1 Challenge Exercise
ThursdayAttacking Moves (Sideroll, Double Tap)Juggling with your head
FridayChallenge (Juggling feet & thighs)Module 2 - Defensive Shift due

April 27 - May 1
Week 6Recreational PlayersAcademy/Select Players
MondayIntro Challenge (10-2-1 challenge)Module 3 - Through Runs
TuesdayAttacking Moves (Elastico, Roll/Catch)Turns (Advanced)
WednesdayAttacking Moves (Reverse Garrincha)All coerver drills
Attacking Moves (Roll scissors stepover)
All dribbling drills
FridayWeekly Challenge (10-2-1 challenge)Module 3 - Through Runs Due

May 4 - May 8
Week 7Recreational PlayersAcademy/Select Players
MondayIntro Challenge (Juggling Pyramid)Intro Challenge (Juggling tricks)
TuesdayStriking the ballAll core dribble drills
WednesdayChippingAll trapping drills
ThursdayVolleysAll turn drills
FridayWeekly Challenge (Juggling Pyramid)Weekly Challenge (Juggling tricks)

May 11 - May 15
Week 8Recreational PlayersAcademy/Select Players
MondayIntro Challenge (No hands Juggling)Intro Challenge (Players Choice)
TuesdayTrapping the ball (feet)All Attacking moves
WednesdayTrapping (thighs, chest)10-2-1 Challenge Exercise
ThursdayHeadersVolleys (Front, Side)
FridayWeekly Challenge (No hands Juggling)Weekly Challenge (Players Choice)